Find us on Koh PhaNgan! Maps and boat timetables available to view & download.

Coco Garden staff are well travelled within Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia. We can assist with lots of advice and the booking of onward travel, from boats & transfers to Koh Samui/Koh Tao to buses & trains to Bangkok. All can be arranged conveniently and at competitive prices for our customers.

Koh PhaNgan is the 5th largest island in the kingdom and is home to about 15,000 people. The island is not just known for it’s internationally acclaimed Full Moon Party, but also for the untouched tropical wildlife and wonderful underwater world that surrounds it. Experience the best Koh PhaNgan has to offer with one of many activities available from Coco Garden, from sightseeing & snorkelling and diving & cooking courses, to Chinese temples and waterfalls. We personally recommend all the experiences below.
Take home the taste of Thailand with a 1 day cooking course with a professional chef.
Untouched AngThong Marine Park should not be missed when visiting the Gulf of Thailand.
Koh PhaNgan is blessed with lush jungle. Elephant Trekking is a unforgettable way to experience it.
Coco can advise you on the island’s treks, trails & viewpoints, all enjoyed without guides + are FREE!
A super way to meet people & enjoy the beauty of our remote beaches. Includes snorkelling at Koh Ma.
Avoid crowds: dive from KPG for a more personal adventure, incl. visits to sites like stunning Sailrock.